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GRADUATION 2022-2023

Congratulations to all our graduates for reaching this important academic milestone! Your contributions will illuminate the world with knowledge and academic excellence.

Evidentia University: Where Excellence Meets Passion for Knowledge

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At Evidentia University, we don’t just offer you a world-class education: we offer you the opportunity to be part of a global community passionate about Behavioral Science and Forensic Science.

We are much more than an online university. We are a beacon of academic excellence located in the sunny heart of Florida, yet accessible to curious minds in any corner of the world. Here, distance is not a barrier, but a gateway to diversity. Our mission is simple but powerful: to nurture knowledge, foster innovation and prepare you to make your mark on the world.

Are you ready to be a history maker? At Evidentia University, we believe in breaking barriers and opening doors. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms. Together, we will forge a future full of achievements, discoveries and connections that will last a lifetime.

Apply for admission to any of our master’s programs starting in January 2024.

We are accepting applications for January 2024

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Featured programs


Master of Science in Criminal Profiling


Master of Science in Nonverbal and Deceptive Behavior


Master of Science in Behavioral Economics


Master of Science in Anti-Fraud Behavioral Analysis

School of Continuing Education


Certificate in Criminology Report (Spanish)


Certificate in NonVerbal Communication


Certificate in Sustainability

Faculty & Guest Speakers

Academic excellence and real-world experience.Our programs are not only supported by an outstanding faculty, but are also enriched by the participation of special guests who share their vision and experience of the professional world.

A team of more than 70 experts, including professors and guests, join our Master’s programs to provide you with an academic experience of excellence. Get to know them!


Discover the success stories of our graduates. Their testimonials are living proof of the quality of our education.


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Income-based financial aid and community scholarships. Up to 65% discount on the total cost of the program. Get your scholarship when you apply for our programs.

Evidentia University

Your language, your choice.

At Evidentia University, we offer you the freedom to learn in your preferred language: Spanish or English.

Follow video lectures, interact with classmates and professors, and complete quizzes and activities in the language that suits you best.

For those who wish to study in a non-native language, we will help you meet the necessary requirements to succeed in your academic journey.


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