Evidentia University Anthem

Dear friends;

We are pleased to share with you the creation of the Evidentia University Anthem. Here are a few words from the president.

Evidentia University

Dr. Rafael López
Provost of Evidentia University.

Being part of Evidentia University goes beyond studying or teaching at a university. We are a group of people united by the dream of creating a more just society, a better world for all.
Today, we are proud to present the Evidentia University Anthem, a symbol that will unite us all around hope, faith and love.

If you are interested in knowing more about the history of the creation of Evidentia University’s anthem, here are some words from Mr. Rodolfo González, our Human Resources Director, who has been an essential part in the creation of this anthem.

Evidentia University

Mr. Rodolfo Gonzalez
Human Resources Director of Evidentia University

The idea arose like almost all others, out of nowhere and from a latent need to contribute to reinforce the identity of the University: we must create an anthem that accompanies us in face-to-face and digital events. Due to be participating in the Prince of Egypt Musical, I have been able to meet really talented people and one of them Felipe was full enthusiastic about the idea and produced the composition of the Anthem with great dedication and in record time, for four strings and with the musical arrangement of the digital technology. Then became the time to record it, for which Alejandro, another talented colleague of Musical and owner of a recording studio, Felipe and I invited the people who could be the chorus. They all accepted with enthusiasm, commitment, and availability.

The audio was previously sent to them with the corresponding string and the link of the University web site so that they could understand the spirit of the institution. On a Saturday afternoon, in addition to Felipe and Alejandro, Camila, Bernardita, Carolina, Trinidad, Catalina and Isabel, Javier, Andrés, Diego and Cristian arrived on time. It was exciting to see how the voices were integrated into the composition that gave birth to this Anthem. It is one more example of how dreams come true with talent, enthusiasm, commitment, and technology, in the land of the sun and the sea. And these ideas inspired the lyrics of the anthem, so that it would be easy to sing and reflect the spirit of the University: always looking forward with optimism, taking from the past everything that allows us to move to the future, putting the person at the center in this new digital reality, with our help, hope, love and faith.