Elisa Sánchez

Elisa Sánchez

Evidentia University

Elisa Sánchez

Psychologist. Master in anxiety and stress intervention. Mediator. Executive and team coach.

Elisa Sánchez is a psychologist with a Master’s degree in anxiety and stress intervention, a PhD program in cognition, emotion and stress, and a Master’s degree in occupational risk prevention. She is also a mediator, executive and team coach, and equality agent.

Elisa Sanchez is accredited as:

  • Health psychologist
  • Psychologist Disseminator by Cop-M
  • Psychologist Expert in Occupational Health (PsESL) by the Cop-M
  • Expert Psychologist in Aeronautical Psychology by the General Council of Psychology.

Elisa Sanchez’s professional experience is:

  • Consultant trainer in the areas of HR and health with more than 20 years of experience.
  • Director of Idein, consulting and training.
  • Professor in different degrees and masters of the Udima, teaching the subject of Economic Psychology.
  • In research: Acceptability and marketing of food products, especially in the child population.

Elisa Sanchez is also coordinator of the Working Group of Psychology and Occupational Health of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid, member of the Section of Work and Organizational Psychology and HR of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid, and member of the Board of Conflict Management Solutions, mediation institution of the Cop-M.