Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD.

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD.

Evidentia University

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD.

PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences. Postgraduate in Cognitive Sciences, Emotion and Stress.

Graduate in Criminological Evaluation. Accredited Academic Mentor by the Mentoring Network of Spain.

He teaches at the University Camilo José Cela, in the field of Psychology and Criminology. He has supervised several doctoral theses and numerous Final Degree and Master’s Theses, and has participated in academic tribunals of all kinds.

Among his lines of research are the History of Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Cultural Anthropology and Criminal Sociology. He has an extensive scientific production.

Accredited by both the National Agency for Quality and Evaluation (ANECA) and the Agency for Quality, Accreditation and Prospective of the Universities of Madrid (ACAP, currently Madrid+d).