Jorge Jiménez

Jorge Jiménez

Jorge Jiménez

Jorge Jiménez

Criminal Psychologist. Technical Director of the Master’s Degree in Criminal Profiling at UDIMA – BL

Jorge Jiménez is a Criminal Psychologist, General Director of Behavior & Law, and Director of the Master in Criminal Profiling.

His manual on Criminal Profiling and his more than 10 years of experience, positions Jorge Jimenez as one of the most important Spanish-speaking professionals in Criminal Profiling.

As for Jorge Jimenez’s training, he has:

Master’s Degree in Criminology and Juvenile Delinquency from the University of Castilla la Mancha.
Master’s Degree in Criminal and Forensic Psychopathology from the Camilo José Cela University.
Criminal Analyst by the University College London and the Jill Dando Institute of Crime and Security Sciences.

In addition, Jorge Jiménez has published books (among others, the book “Perfilación Criminal: En la mente del Asesino” by Behavior & Law Ediciones), articles and criminological profiles on Spanish cases.

He is a professor of Criminal Profiling at several international institutions and universities.