Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD publishes his new work: “Suicide as a victim-criminological problem: A critical analysis”.

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD, a member of the faculty of Evidentia University, has just published his article “Suicide as a victim-criminological problem: A critical analysis” in the journal Quadernos de Criminologia.

His work covers the fundamental aspects and topics for the analysis and investigation of suicide from a criminalistic perspective. In his own words, “in contrast to the silencing of past decades, suicide is currently a topic of growing socio-political interest in advanced societies. However, the available knowledge, generally linked to other areas of research, does little to advance victimological and criminological – and even police and legal – studies on the subject“.

The article is available in the Journal Quadernos de Criminología, Nº. 58, corresponding to the third quarter of 2022 (

The trajectory of Pérez Férnandez PhD, as a faculty and researcher, has shed light on issues of professional and collective interest. His interest in producing and disseminating knowledge with a rigorous scientific character has led him to publish numerous articles, from a “criminological” vision of Cervantes, for example, to the work he presents today on suicide. Currently, he is also secretary of the Spanish Society for the History of Psychology (SEHP), and is a full member of the Spanish Society of Criminology and Forensic Sciences (SECCIF).


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