Rafael López PhD, guest speaker at the COP Conference on Psychology and Economics

On October 25, our Provost Rafael López PhD, was a speaker at the Conference on Psychology and Economics, held in Madrid, organized by the Section of Psychology of Work, Organizations and Human Resources of the Official College of Psychology of Madrid, coinciding with the announcement of the 2022 Nobel Prizes in Economics and the 20th anniversary of the awarding of this prize to the psychologist Daniel Khaneman.

López PhD, a faithful scholar and admirer of Khaneman’s work, gave the lecture “What it is and how to become a Chief Behavioral Officer (CBO)“. During his lecture, López PhD offered the technological, personal and professional keys to become a CBO, in addition to commenting on the statistics that reveal the rise of this role in companies and the benefits of having the figure of the CBO within the corporate logistics staff.

Evidentia University