Welcome to the Evidentia University Research, where we offer a wide range of services and resources to support your research endeavors. Explore the following subsections to learn more about our offerings:

Research Consulting

Our experienced team of research consultants is ready to collaborate with you on your next project. Whether you need assistance with study design, data analysis, or interpretation, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific research needs.

Research Teams

Within our institution, we have dedicated research teams specializing in various fields. These teams are composed of experts in Behavioral Economics, Emotional Expressions, Deceit Detection, and Personality Profiling. Their collective expertise and multidisciplinary approach ensure thorough investigations and insightful findings.

The Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Our IRB plays a crucial role in ensuring the ethical conduct of research involving human participants. Committed to protecting the rights, safety, and welfare of individuals, the IRB provides oversight and review of all research activities.

Published Studies

Discover our collection of published studies, showcasing the groundbreaking research conducted by our team. From peer-reviewed journals to conference presentations, these publications highlight our commitment to advancing knowledge in diverse domains.

Whether you are seeking expert consultation, exploring our research teams, accessing published studies, or ensuring ethical compliance through IRB review, our Research Section has you covered. Click on the respective links to delve deeper into each area of interest and discover how we can support your research goals.