Scientific Research Teams

At Evidentia University, our scientific research teams consist of highly skilled specialists in various areas. Within our teams, we have experts in:

Behavioral Economics

Our Behavioral Economics group focuses on studying the interactions between human behavior and economic processes. We employ rigorous scientific approaches to understand how psychological and social factors influence economic decision-making

Emotional Expressions

The Emotional Expressions group is dedicated to researching and analyzing human emotional expressions. Through the use of facial analysis and mapping techniques, we study how emotions manifest in different contexts and their impact on behavior and social interactions.

Deceit Detection

Our Deceit Detection team specializes in the identification and analysis of deception signals. We utilize scientific methods and advanced technologies to identify nonverbal and verbal indicators of deception, providing our clients with effective tools for detecting dishonest behaviors.

Personality Profiling

The Personality Profiling group focuses on studying and analyzing personality profiles. Through the application of psychometric techniques and data analysis, we generate detailed profiles that aid in understanding individual characteristics and their relevance in various contexts.

At Evidentia University, our research teams work collaboratively, leveraging the expertise of each group to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients. Our passion for scientific research drives us to achieve high-quality results and provide valuable insights to support strategic decision-making. If you want to contact us feel free to send us a email: