Transfer of credits

Transfer applicants must meet all the admission requirements of Evidentia University of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences. The university’s transfer policy is designed to recognize previously earned credits. Individuals who have earned credit at other institutions are encouraged to find out which courses may apply. Students may qualify to use up to 12 credits earned elsewhere towards Evidentia University of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences.

Speak to your admissions agent for details.

Evidentia University of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences will evaluate transfer credit from other institutions on a course-by-course basis. Transferability of credits is based on similar content and course objectives. Qualified credits will only be accepted if the grade earned was at least a “B”. Transfer of credit is at the discretion of Evidentia University of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences.

Transfer of Credits from Evidentia University of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences to another university is at the discretion of the receiving institution, it is the students’ responsibility to confirm whether credits will be accepted by another institution of their choice.

Transfer-of-credits process

1 – Request information

Once you have requested information about one of our programs, one of our admission agents will contact you and you’ll be asked if you would like to transfer credits. You may be eligible if you’ve taken courses for college credits.

2 – Submit Your Transcripts

To evaluate your transfer-of-credits eligibility, official transcripts are required.

» If you studied in the US,  you can request your official transcripts from the previous institutions you’ve attended in several ways. See this link to know more about it.

» If you studied in another country, please see this link to know how to validate your transcript.

3 – Get your Transfer-of-Credit Evaluation

Preliminary transfer-of-credits evaluation. While you wait for your official transcripts to arrive at Evidentia, you can submit unofficial transcripts to expedite a preliminary transfer-of-credits evaluation. Our admission agent will inform you.

Once we receive the official transcripts, we will send you the transfer-of-credits official evaluation.

The evaluation is free of charge for the student. The transferred credits will be paid according to the fee schedule.

Evidentia University has made the process of transferring credits as simple as possible.