Dr. Rafael López and Director Mercedes Dieguez propose the incorporation of the Chief Behavioral Officer as a key figure in the business world.

Next Thursday, December 1, Provost Dr. Rafael López and the Director of the School of Business and Behavior at Evidentia University, Mercedes Diéguez, will be the main panelists in the webinar "Behavioral Economics, a key driver of successful businesses". On this occasion they will discuss basic concepts of Behavioral Economics, explore the benefits of applying them

Evidentia University Anthem

Dear friends; We are pleased to share with you the creation of the Evidentia University Anthem. Here are a few words from the president. Dr. Rafael López Provost of Evidentia University. Being part of Evidentia University goes beyond studying or teaching at a university. We are a group of people united by the dream of

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD publishes his new work: “Suicide as a victim-criminological problem: A critical analysis”.

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD, a member of the faculty of Evidentia University, has just published his article "Suicide as a victim-criminological problem: A critical analysis" in the journal Quadernos de Criminologia. His work covers the fundamental aspects and topics for the analysis and investigation of suicide from a criminalistic perspective. In his own words, "in

Evidentia University presents its “Library” tool to the entire university community

Evidentia University has presented to the entire university community Library. Library is one of the most powerful tools for the rigorous search of scientific documentation through different databases. The presentation was given by Ignacio Tolosa PhD, CEO of Evidentia University, Mercedes Diéguez, Director of the School of Business and Behavior and our collaborator Ms. Viri Rosas, who explained in a simple and

Faculty and Researchers from Evidentia University present their work at the 1st International Congress of the Scientific Society of Behavioral Economics

The I International Congress of the Scientific Society of Behavioral Economics, "Challenges of the new behavioral society", brought together an important group of teachers and researchers from different countries and disciplines, enthusiastic to present, discuss and reflect on the latest advances, research and applications of behavioral economics to business, public policy, finance and decision making,

Rafael López PhD, Provost of Evidentia University, has been appointed thematic editor of Retos Magazine.

Rafael López, PhD, Provost of Evidentia University and President of the Scientific Society of Behavioral Economics, has been invited by the journal Retos to be part of the editorial team of the monograph "Behavioral Economics and game theory: advances and applications" that will be published in April next year. Rafael López shares this responsibility with

Prof. Oscar Alvarez and Prof. Lucila Neri Pérez, two exceptional guests at the Master of Science of Nonverbal and Deceptive Behavior

Prof. Alicia Juárez has counted with the participation of professors Oscar Álvarez and Lucila Neri Pérez, specialists in forensic linguistics, one of the most powerful methods of deception detection nowadays. In this special session they shared and discussed with our students, ideas, learnings and questions from the contributions of comparative forensic linguistics. "The Liar's Verbal
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