by María Prada


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Beyond fiction, reality demonstrates how criminal profiling has become an essential tool in the sphere of criminal investigation.


In contexts where factual evidence becomes insufficient for clarifying criminal events, this methodology allows, through a thorough analysis of behavioral patterns, psychological, and social characteristics of offenders, to develop profiles that help identify and capture those responsible for crimes. Thus, the information obtained through criminal profiling provides valuable clues to investigators about the possible identity, motivations, and behavioral patterns of criminals, greatly facilitating the investigative process.


In the realm of law enforcement, criminal profiling has become an indispensable tool in the fight against crime. By integrating the analysis of criminal profiles into their investigative strategies, authorities can optimize their resources and increase the effectiveness of their operations. The ability to anticipate the behavior of criminals and predict their movements is crucial for the prevention and resolution of crimes, as well as for ensuring the safety of the community.


Within the field of profiling, there are multiple systems that allow the development of this technique, including the VERA Method and the FBI Method.


The Victim-Scene-Reconstruction Method (VERA) is the forensic technique commonly used by law enforcement agencies in Spain to analyze and reconstruct crime scenes. This approach focuses on the interaction between the victim, the scene, and possible suspects, allowing investigators to gain a deeper understanding of the facts and increase the chances of successfully solving the case.


The FBI’s criminal profiling method is another fundamental technique in the fight against crime in the Anglo-Saxon world that has crossed borders and has been implemented in multiple police systems. In this methodology, it starts with the collection and analysis of all available evidence related to the crime in question, to then use psychological and criminological techniques to identify behavioral patterns and underlying motivations in the offense.


At Evidentia University, we specialize in behavioral and forensic sciences, with a particular emphasis on those applied in the criminal field. Recognizing the importance of criminal profiling for this area, in our Continuing Education catalog, we offer programs that will allow those interested to specialize in both the VERA method and the methodology used by the FBI for profiling.


Therefore, if you work in the field of law enforcement, private security, criminal law, or forensic psychology, we invite you to join one of our programs and not miss the opportunity to acquire new skills and improve your ability to contribute to the investigation, detection, and prevention of crime.


As Sherlock Holmes once ventured: “Education never ends, Watson. It is a series of lessons, with the greatest for the last.”


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