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Start date: June 3rd, 2024

Who We Are?

Our CERTIFICATE IN CRIMINAL PROFILING is led by experts and international references in this field.

  • Our faculty includes expert criminal profilers from top behavioral analysis units worldwide.
  • We’re supported by the Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis International Group, the pioneering professional body in this field.
  • Learn from the best: real criminal profilers. Practice profiling actual cases, mirroring FBI-style analysis.


Step into the world of criminal profiling.

Our CRIMINAL PROFILING CERTIFICATE offers a unique and original program on the subject, which teaches the different theoretical and methodological frameworks -holistically and globally- that are needed to learn Criminal Profiling.

  • Learn crime scene analysis from a behavioral analyst’s perspective.
  • Study criminal profiling through real case studies to identify and analyze criminal behavior, aiding law enforcement investigations.
  • Our CRIMINAL PROFILING TRAINING provides hands-on learning for law enforcement and forensic applications.
  • Dive into criminal profiling by stepping into the shoes of real profilers.
  • Our faculty comprises top experts from leading behavioral analysis units worldwide.
  • Supported by the pioneering Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis International Group.


E-learning Tools.

Deductive Method. The F.B.I.’s Criminal Investigative Analysis.

Inductive Method. Statistical Profiling.

Psychological Method. Indirect Personality Profiling.

Geographic Profiling.

Certificate en Criminal Profiling – US University Certificate

Students who successfully complete the course will receive the CERTIFICATE IN CRIMINAL PROFILING issued by the School of Continuing Education at Evidentia University (Florida – USA).
This will enable them to join a distinguished group of professional experts with a unique focus in the field of Criminal Profiling, all distinguished by the rigorous, demanding, and scientific approach of their training, proud of their prestigious qualification, with a distinctive seal of quality.

Certificate en Criminal Profiling

Why Study Our Certificate in Criminal Profiling?


because it departs from unrealistic views and is presented by authentic professionals and experts in the field.


because it presents an academic approach based on methodologies rooted in the most current scientific methods and knowledge in the field.


because it offers a pragmatic vision and aims to provide students with strategies and methodologies that they can use and develop in a professional context.

Continuous daily and personalized tutoring

provided by specialists in the specific subject matter.

Exceptional team of instructors

Undoubtedly, this is one of the elements that sets this course apart from other options in the educational market in this field.

Simple Virtual Classroom

featuring video lectures, exercises, tests, mandatory activities, required readings, and optional supplementary materials on Criminal Profiling.

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Take advantage of the opportunity to improve your English/Spanish while learning what you love!

You can attend the video lectures, participate in forums, and complete assessment quizzes and practical activities in the language of your choice.

Support and tutoring available in both languages.

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Certificate in Criminal Profiling

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