Dimitri Schmitow, PhD

Dimitri Schmitow, PhD

Evidentia University

Dimitri Schmitow, PhD

Consultant specialized in Marketing Studies and Behavioral Economics.

Dimitri Schmitow is a consultant specialized in Marketing Research and Behavioral Economics.

During his professional career Dimitri Schmitow has personally conducted market research projects in more than 40 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

He has developed and applied his own research techniques and is the author of an extensive list of articles in marketing, consumer psychology, market research and behavioral economics journals.

Dimitri Schmitow has also been a speaker at numerous international conferences and congresses for organizations such as ESOMAR, ARQ-QRCA, AEDEMO, AIMFA and others.

As an enthusiast of Behavioral Economics, Dimitri Schmitow has been one of the first promoters of this discipline in Spain in the field of marketing and market research.

He has carried out these initiatives:

Regularly giving seminars, webinars and informative talks on the applications of Behavioral Economics in public organizations, political parties and private companies.
Publishing several articles on this subject in specialized magazines (Revista Investigación y Marketing de AEDEMO).
Writing, together with Quique Belenguer, one of the chapters of the Manual of Behavioral Economics edited by the Mexican Institute of Behavioral Economics, on decision making at the point of sale.
Applying the principles of Behavioral Sciences in different research projects carried out in recent years in each of its phases: design, execution and analysis and interpretation of the results.