CPBA Think Tank

Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis International Group

Evidentia University

The CPBA was officially presented on March 2nd, 2017 in the first Criminal Profiling Conference celebrated in Madrid, Spain, with the objective to foster the development of the behavioral Sciences in the criminal investigation field.

The CPBA is a group with the goal of connecting the academy with professionals. Through the participation of top experts in criminal profiling and behavioral analysis, the group fosters the development of the behavioral Sciences in the criminal investigation field.

Among the members of the group, we find the Criminal Behavior Analysis Group (Guardia Civil of Spain), the Behavioral Analysis Group (National Police of Spain), the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the US Marshals Service (USA), Behavioral Analysis Group (National Police of Ecuador), the Behavioral Science and Criminal Profiling Group (National Police of Colombia), the Federal Unit of Criminal Profiling (Argentina), the Crime Scene Special Unit of the State of Chihuahua (Mexico) creating a world-class Think Tank forum of unprecedented caliber.

Think Tank Members

Evidentia University

Behavioral Analysis Unit

United State Marshals Service (USA).

Evidentia University

Grupo Ciencias del Comportamiento
y Perfilación Criminal.

Policía Nacional de Colombia (Colombia).

Evidentia University

Sección de Análisis
de Conducta.

Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (España).

Evidentia University

Sección de Análisis del Comportamiento Delictivo (SACD)

Guardia Civil (España)

Evidentia University

 Grupo Análisis Conducta

Policía Nacional de Ecuador (Ecuador).

Evidentia University

Unidad Federal de Perfilación Criminal

Policía Federal de Argentina.

Evidentia University

Unidad Especializada en
la Escena del Crimen. 

Procuraduría General Estado de Chihuahua (México).

Think Tank: What we do?

The Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis Group Think Tank is a Brain Storming laboratory about Criminal Profiling and Behavioral analysis. The Think Tank is a place created to nourish scientific investigations where members of different Police or magisterial units work hand by hand with scientists of universities form all over the world.

It is also a networking space between Police or magisterial Behavioral Analysis units which share similar knowledge and experiences.

Behavior and Law grants an annual budget designated to fund research regarding Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis. This investigations should generate scientific based knowledge applicable in daily affairs of Police Departments or Attorneys offices around the world.


We would like to promote the development of Behavioral Science, generating and maximizing scientific investigation, innovation and the development of this subject.


  • Fund and coordinate the design and development of scientific research projects related with this field.
  • Encourage the networking and synergy between the think tank members enabling them to exchange experiences and knowledge.


In order to join our Think Tank you should be part of a Criminal Profiling or Behavioral analysis group focused in security. This group should be officially constituted as part of a PUBLIC-Federal or National Institution.

If you meet this requirement, please request the membership by sending an e-mail to info@behavioral-analysts.org