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Why Evidentia University?

Evidentia University brings together more than 14 years’ experience of Behavior and Law companies providing training, conducting research and organizing congresses and symposiums. Our philosophy from the very beginning was to create world-class programs whose learning experience surpasses that of traditional face-to-face training.

Today’s technology allows us to connect with professionals from anywhere in the world, create live classes, games, debates and, of course, generate high quality recorded content.

Why Evidentia University?

Our teachers and instructors are specialists in each of the subjects they teach. Most of them combine their academic work with professional acumen, giving our programs a unique perspective of superior value in the job market.

In addition, all our programs include sessions given by guest speakers from companies and universities from different parts of the world.

Why Evidentia University?

We are a modern university, born with cutting-edge technologies. The key revolution of the 21st century has been the rise of social networks. This remarkable global interconnection is a key component of our DNA.

At Evidentia University we strive to connect our students and professors to create a robust network of lovers of Behavioral Sciences and Forensic Sciences.

Why Evidentia University?

We are a specialized university, one that speaks the language of Behavioral Sciences and Forensic Sciences.

This hyper-specialization allows us to be in contact with the most prominent professionals and academics in each specialty, and to bring to our students the most advanced knowledge and experience in the field.