The main objective of Evidentia University is the promotion of scientific research in the field of Behavioral and Forensic Sciences. We are attracted to lines of research that lead to practical results and to multidisciplinary teams formed by researchers and professionals in the forensic and behavioral fields. We also collaborate with universities and research institutions at an international level and establish grant programs to fund research lines.

We focus our activity around different research groups, which in turn include different lines of work in various fields related to human behavior or forensic sciences.

To all this we must add the creation of the Think Tank on Criminal Profiling and Behavioral Analysis made up of the most important behavioral analysis units of the international police scene.

Scientific Publications

In recent years, our faculty has published numerous scientific papers both in English and Spanish.

Think Tank

The Criminal Profiling & Behavioral Analysis Group Think Tank is a Brain Storming laboratory about Criminal Profiling and Behavioral analysis. The Think Tank is a place created to nourish scientific investigations where members of different Police or magisterial units work hand by hand with scientists of universities form all over the world.

Evidentia University