Erik Hickey

Erik Hickey, PhD

Forensic Criminologist from USA, works as a consultant to FBI and other Police Forces on Sex Offender and Serial Murder cases. 

Dimitri Schmitow, PhD

Consultant specialized in Marketing Studies and Behavioral Economics.

María José Garrido

María José Garrido, PhD.

Commander of the Civil Guard. PhD. in Psychology. Master’s Degree in Forensic Sciences (analysis and investigation of Criminal Behavior) from the UAM.

Yesid Barrera

Yesid Barrera, Ph.D.

Vice-Provost Evidentia University. PhD. in Political Science and Sociology from the Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca.

Mercedes Dieguez

Mercedes Diéguez

School of Business and Behavior Director at Evidentia University. Master’s Degree BE Director at UDIMA. Degree and MSc in Law. Researcher and expert in Neuromarketing. PhD candidate in BE. Former Head of Pricing Strategy in Telefonica Corporation.

Rafael López, PhD.

President of Evidentia University

Rocío Viñambres

Consultant and analyst of non-verbal communication. PhD candidate in Behavioral Economics (UNED). MBA from New Hampshire College. Master in Nonverbal Behavior and Lie Detection, Master in Personality Profiling and Negotiation and Master in Behavioral Economics (UDIMA).

Ángel Cuñado

Ángel Cuñado, Ph.D.

PhD in Psychology. Master in Nonverbal Behavior and Lie Detection. Master in Personality Profiling and Negotiation.

María José López

María José López, Ph.D.

Degree in Medicine. Director of the Valdebernardo Medical Center. Expert in Non Verbal Behavior by the University Camilo José Cela.

Jorge Jiménez

Jorge Jiménez

School of Crime Science Director. Criminal Psychologist. Technical Director of the Master’s Degree in Criminal Profiling at UDIMA – BL

José Villena

José Villena

Criminologist. Master in Criminal Analysis and Investigation and Master in Nonverbal Behavior.

Marta Grau, PHD

Expert in Mediation and Professor at the Behavior & Law University Foundation.

Silvestre Cabezas

Silvestre Cabezas

Student Recruitment Director . Psychologist and Criminologist. Criminal Behavior Analyst. 

Wayne Petherick, PhD

Associate Professor of Criminology at Bond University. Author of several books on Criminal Profiling.

Anisha Singh

Present Practitioner at MIT GovLab, Massachusetts, USA. Director, Research and Innovation at Busara Center for Behavioural Economics, Nairobi, Kenya. MSc Social Cognition: Research and Applications (Distinction). Bacherlor of Science BSc Economics, Second Major in Psychology (Merit)

Diego Valero, PhD

Director of Global Pension Program (USA), Chairman BeWay and Novaster.
PhD in Economics and Actuarial Science, Professor at the University of Barcelona and the London School of Economics in behavioral economics.

Juan Camilo Salcedo, PhD

Regional Director LATAM at BEworks. PhD in experimental social psychology from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Bryant University in USA

Cristina Lazaro, PhD.

-Lead Customer Success Manager, Gartner. PhD in  Zoology, MsC Behavioral Economics. Expert in Primate Behavior

Yirsa Jiménez, PhD

PhD. in Psychology. Professor of social psychology at the UB.

Jesús García, PhD

BEruns founder, applying BE in the financial and insurance sector. GAABS member. Board of Catalonia of the Spanish Association of Management and Development of People (AEDIPE). Former People’s Director at CaixaBank Operational Services.

Carmen Feijoo

AVSEC trainer certified by the Civil Aviation Authority in Spain (AESA)

Jose Maria Torres Bruna PhD.

Commercial Intelligence and Market Research Manager at Telefónica. Associate Professor at the Applied Economics department at UAM. Ph.D. in Physical Sciences.

Gonzalo Fernandez

Behavioral Team Leader at BeWay.  Guest speaker at the University of Vigo and Mr.Marcell Design School.  Psychologist. MSc in Environmental Management and Intervention.  Behavioral analysis, design and experimentation.  

Francisco Pérez Fernández, PhD.

PhD in Philosophy and Educational Sciences. Postgraduate in Cognitive Sciences, Emotion and Stress.

Kory Niehaus

Psychologist. Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Konstanz.

Katia Cubel

Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism – Social Communication from Faculdade de Comunicação

Laura Requena, PhD

PhD in Psychology and Criminology with European mention and Master in Forensic Sciences from the Autonomous University of Madrid.
With more than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity where she has led Threat Intelligence teams.

Sara Isaac

Applying behavioral science to do good better.


Rodolfo González

Human Resources Director at Evidentia University. Master in Behavioral Economics. Lecturer at Global Speakers and visiting professor at various Universities.

Mark Safarik

Former Agent of the Conduct Analysis Unit of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Alicia Juarez

Member of the Behavioral Analysis Section (SAC) of the National Police force. 

Miguel Ángel Pérez-Nieto, PhD

PhD. in Psychology. Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UCJC.

Smriti Walia, PhD.

PhD in Development and Behavioral Economics. Assistant Professor of Economics in University of Delhi, India. Consultant in applying Behavioural Perspective to Public Policy for efficient and effective Developmental Outcomes.

Lina Díaz, PhD.

Behavioral Economics Consultant at BID -Inter-American Development Bank – in Washington D.C. PhD in Economics, George Mason University, Virginia.

Anderson Tamborim

Expert in Micro Facial Expression Analysis. Certified in Facial Expression Analysis of Emotion by Paul Ekman International.

Deborah Martinez

PhD studies in experimental Economics and Economic Development

José Vila, PhD.

Professor and Director of the DevStat-UV Chair on Quantitative Decisionmaking at the University of Valencia.

Lucía Halty, PhD

PhD. in Psychology. Professor of Psychology at the UPCM.

Manuel Ramos Romero, PhD

Criminologist. Sergeant of the Section of Analysis of Criminal Behavior (SACD) of the Civil Guard.

Andrés Sotoca, PhD.

PhD. in Psychology. Commander of the Civil Guard. Criminal Behavior Analysis section.

Antonio Domínguez, PhD

Director of the Institute for Anti-Fraud Behavioral Analysis.

José Luis Calvo, PhD

PhD, Professor of Economic Theory and Mathematical Economics at UNED (Spain). He has combined teaching and research with consultancy in the Presidency of the Government and in the Ministries of Science and Technology.

Irina del Mar

Behavioral Finance Specialist at Davivienda Corredores, creator and leader of Financial Education programs with more than 8,000 participants. Business Administrator from Politécnico Grancolombiano, Colombia. Licensed NLP Coaching Trainer™

Jaume Masip, PhD.

PhD. in Psychology. Professor of the Department of Social Psychology and Anthropology of the USAL.

José Miguel Mestre, PhD

PhD. in Psychology. Professor of Basic Proceses of Psychology at the University of Cadiz

Alejandra Velasquez

Magister Public Management and Governance – The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ángel García Collantes, PhD.

PhD. in Law. Director of the Chair of Behavior Analysis UDIMA – Behavior & Law.

César San Juan Guillén

Director of the International Research Center on Crime, Marginalization and Social Relations (DMS)

Rosa García Campayo

Analyst of non-verbal communication. Associate Professor at EAE Business School: Master in HR Management. Master in Commercial Management and Sales Management and Nonverbal Communication in Leadership.

Alan Crawley

Degree in Psychology. Diploma in Non-Verbal Communication (Austral University). FACS Certificated. 

Rosa Ortí

Behavioral Science Lead at BEway. Adjunct Professor at IE University (Behavioral Economics & Decision Making). Sociologist. Applying BE in consulting and Customer Experience. Research specialist. MSc BE and consumer behavior at IE B-School

Guillermo Paris

Behavioral Economics & UX Researcher Lead at Cassbana. Former Behavioral Economics consultant and UX Researcher at Free Now and The Cocktail Analysis. He is a sociologist, political scientist and Master in Political Economy and Public Economics at the Universitat de València (Spain)

Elisa Sánchez

Psychologist. Master in anxiety and stress intervention. Mediator. Executive and team coach.

José María Otín del Castillo

Inspector of the National Police Corps. Criminologist and psychologist specialized in legal and forensic psychology.

José Manuel Petisco

Head of Studies of the Military School of Educational Sciences. Graduate in Psychology.

Beatriz Molinuevo

Professor of the Medical Psychology Unit of the UAB Medical School. 

Pablo Fernández Berrocal

Professor of Psychology at the University of Malaga. 

Gabriela Castillo

Specialist in Psychophysiology and Neuropsychology. 

Federico Balsani

Licenciado en Economía y Máster en Management de las Administraciones Públicas.

Mercedes de Haro

Degree in Business Administration and Labor Sciences. Management of Public Sector Contracts and Programs

Juan de Rus

MSC in Behavioral Science with Distinction in London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)

Álvaro Gaviño

Computer Engineer (Artificial Intelligence). Director of Behavioral Economics for BBVA.

Isaac López Pita

Economist, Law graduate, Master in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching and Specialist in Applied Positive Psychology. Expert consultant applying BE in scenarios of transformation and personal development, using tools of this discipline. 

Elmarie Myburgh

Lietuenant Colonel of the South African Police.

Gonzalo Camiña

Founder of Opseeker and CEO of BeWay. Double degree in North Carolina in Financial Economics and Business Management. MSc in B-Management. Trader in NY and London. Winner of the Iberian Inclusion Plus award from Metlife Foundation. Professor at IE in “Behavioral Change in the Age of AI”.

Oscar Martin Herrera

Manager at Neovantas Consulting, specializing and leading behavioral projects in the banking and insurance sector. Degree in Sociology, a degree in Business Administration and Management and a diploma in Business Science. 

Beatriz Busto Freixa

Manager at Neovantas consulting, leading the BeHub Unit. Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of the Basque Country. Certificate in Behavioral Science UDIMA/B&L.
Expert applying BE in different sectors and areas (digital processes, commercial influence in sales, etc.).

Pablo Ferreiros

Teaching and Research at Universitat Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)