Evidentia University strengthens research in economic psychology with the participation of Rafael López PhD at the URJC Colloquium

On April 25, Rafael López PhD, Provost of Evidentia University, had the honor of participating in the Colloquium entitled “Human Behavior, Management and Team Leadership: An approach from Economic Psychology“, held at the prestigious Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (URJC) in Spain.

This enriching event, organized by the Vice-Dean of Students and University Extension, Ms. Isabel Rodríguez Iglesias, PhD, and the Vice-Dean of Postgraduate Studies, Private Instruction and Library, Ms. Ana María Moreno Adalid, PhD, brought together leading experts in the field of economic psychology, as well as academics and professionals interested in the study of human behavior in the business environment.

During the day, Rafael López PhD. made an extensive visit to the University, accompanied by Mr. Miguel Cuerdo Mir, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences. During his visit, he had the opportunity to interact with URJC students, faculty and staff members, strengthening the relationship between the two institutions and exploring possible areas of future collaboration.

López PhD, a recognized expert in economic psychology, shared his vast experience and knowledge during the Colloquium, addressing relevant topics in team management and leadership from a psychological perspective. His participation in this event consolidates Evidentia University’s commitment to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge in multidisciplinary fields.

Evidentia University thanks the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and the organizers of the Colloquium for providing this invaluable opportunity to Dr. Rafael López and for promoting the exchange of ideas and knowledge in areas of common interest.

Evidentia University

Evidentia University