“How to know if a partner, employee or collaborator is lying to you?”. Workshop conducted at Uppery Club by Rafael López (Provost of Evidentia University).

Evidentia University organized last March 3rd a workshop on Lie Detection (“How to know if a partner, employee or collaborator is deceiving you?“) at the Uppery Club in Malaga.

The workshop was led by the Provost of Evidentia University, Rafael López Pérez, Ph.D. and focused on how to detect if a partner, employee or collaborator is lying. Attendees learned effective techniques and strategies for identifying deception in different situations, which can be especially valuable in both professional and personal settings.

This knowledge is part of our Master in Nonverbal and Deceptive Behavior, a specialized program from Evidentia University that focuses into the detection of lies and other deceptive nonverbal behaviors. As a 100% online university, Evidentia University offers quality and flexible training to students from all over the world.

The event was met with great interest and enthusiasm by Uppery Club members, who greatly valued the opportunity to learn from one of the leading authorities in the field of lie detection. The event was a further demonstration of Evidentia University’s commitment to excellence in training and the dissemination of knowledge in Behavioral and Forensic Sciences.