Prof. Oscar Alvarez and Prof. Lucila Neri Pérez, two exceptional guests at the Master of Science of Nonverbal and Deceptive Behavior

Prof. Alicia Juárez has counted with the participation of professors Oscar Álvarez and Lucila Neri Pérez, specialists in forensic linguistics, one of the most powerful methods of deception detection nowadays.

In this special session they shared and discussed with our students, ideas, learnings and questions from the contributions of comparative forensic linguistics. “The Liar’s Verbal Modus Operandi“, was the title and starting point of a day where these researchers, under the premise that deception is the main tool of narcissistic, sociopathic and criminal minds, defended that one of the ways to analyze and dissect the discursive strategies (of manipulation) used by these people is through a linguistic “autopsy”.

Prof. Alvarez and Prof. Neri are experts in lie detection and deception, authorship attribution and identification of the linguistic profile of anonymous messages. In addition, they share projects at the Comparative Forensic Linguistics Project (CFLP), Berkeley, CA, and are co-authors of a must-read work in our field: “The Language Detectives: Applied Linguistic Analysis for SAVE“.

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